Don’t count the days, make the days count. – Muhammad Ali

Recently my husband discovered that he’d gotten into his first choice for family medicine residency in sunny San Diego. This meant we would be able to stay in my hometown: a beautiful place where paradise and suburban life are (mostly) happily married and everyone (well, almost everyone) wants to live. I was incredibly happy, because truly there’s no where else I’d rather call home, and that lead me to a few realizations about my life thus far:

1) I am fortunate to be as I am

Having been a child from a single- parent family, with an autistic sibling, and an alcholic absentee father my life has been pretty good. My mother stressed education and culture throughout my childhood, giving my imagination and desire to learn fuel. My sister taught me love is many things: most of all it is patient and enduring despite hardships. My father may never know what he taught me, but was perhaps more important than anything: he taught me what I didn’t want to become (sad but true). These basic lessons led me through puberty, the awkward teen years, to higher education and ultimately happiness in my work, personal, and love life. My obstacles have not been as great as some success stories I have heard, but I owe a lot to those three formative forces for keeping me on the forward track.

2) I have a wonderful husband

Call me a sap but I adore my hubby. We bring out the best in one another, and I could write volumes about him and our relationship (and maybe I’ll do that eventually, but introductions should be brief!)

3) I’m healthier now than I’ve ever been

Between bad childhood habits and image issues, it hasn’t been easy to say “I’m happy with my body and I’m healthy”. However, after a few years of becoming conscious of what I eat, drink, and accomplish daily I really do love the way I look.

All in all, life has been very good to me. I can only say that being born a “Summerday” has its perks (perkiness and an upbeat personality being inherent when you’re born with that last name) This may lead to the obvious question: what am I planning to write about?

I like writing. I like reading. I like: theatre, costumes, dance, music, art, painting, drawing, long walks by the beach, going new places, classic movies, new movies, comics, superheroes, mythology… this could go on for a while so let me put it simply: I like a lot of things, but mostly I love life. Without too much self -aggrandizement, I want to share what I love about life in the spirit of that wonderful gesture we learned as children: giving is receiving (even if all you receive is a warm feeling when you read this…did i mention I’m sappy?)

-a Scottish Summerday

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